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04 Jan 2013
Contact us

Sage UBS Registered Training Centre Perak

Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd


Address :

Wisma Neelian, No. 204, Jalan Pasir Puteh,

31650 Ipoh, Perak.


Tel : 05-249 3900        Fax : 05-241 3900

Email : education@neelian.com.my


03 Jan 2013
Portal Information

Welcome to Neelian Education Portal

This education portal is a system to manage the education program we open for enrolment. Here, user may able to access the open courses and enroll the favorite courses through online and easy accessibility for everyone.


Happy learning...



About Sage UBS Registered Training Center Perak Region

Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd is appointed as Sage UBS Registered Training Center in Perak Region. We offer a completed various educational training of Sage UBS Courses for candidate to learn about a complete computerized accountability.


The 10’s reason why Sage UBS Courses benefits you.

An objective gained for this courses is:-

1) Sage UBS Software is used by many business sectors for more than 135,000 enterprises, medium businesses and government in Malaysia.

2) Increase the competitive edge in career development.

3) Another short-based knowledge extension courses with one of the needed courses in market due to value of average system users.

4) A certification that widely and highly recognizable by most well-known company in nowadays market.

5) Makes you stand out in the job market and give you an advantage over the peers.

6) Individual researches shown that certified people are more prepared, productive and skilled to face the reality job market.

7) Boost up your credibility from employers angle, making hiring easier and get promoted by employer eyes.

8) As a proven by employer to choose you as their right person to handle their business administration and accounts department.

9) Passed exam candidates were entitled to be listed and promoted for the practical internship directory platform at the well-known company.

10) Provide ‘support letter’ for you to enclose with your resumes, to increase the percentage of interview approval.



Neelian Sage UBS RTC Course Modules

In Neelian Sage UBS RTC, we have three separated subject/ modules offers to candidates who wishes to apply.

a) Sage UBS Computerized Accounting

b) Sage UBS Computerized Inventory & Billing

c) Sage UBS Computerized Payroll


Course Candidate Registration and Eligibility Requirement

Registration can be made through online application or direct walk-in to our centre at:


Sage UBS Training Centre

Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd

Wisma Neelian, No. 204, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel : 05-249 3900     Fax : 05-241 3900     Website : www.neelian.com


Course will be arranged at least 1 week processing, after full registration and payment fees have been received by Neelian RTC. Please take note that all registration details to be filled with correct details and any incorrect details shall effect the registration process and details amendment period is only accepted on 5 days from the enrollment date.


Below listed is the eligibility for course registration candidates:

1. Accounting and non-accounting based students who have studied at least one (1) fundamental paper of accounting. 

2. Working or professional user who wishes to expand Sage UBS computerizing accounting knowledge.


Study-material pack

During training sessions on classroom method held at Neelian RTC, candidate are advised to bring own notebook or laptop.


Each course/ module enrolled by candidates were includes:

a) 1 set of original Sage UBS text book

b) 1 set of original Sage UBS exercise book

c) 1 Sage UBS Education License CD

d) 1 certificate of attendance

e) 1 certificate of pass examination


Intakes, Schedule and Course Process

All course open intake will be announce in this Neelian Education Portal.

Portal user and candidates are advised to check the portal account for any latest update news release.

Each subject/ module enrolled by candidate course training session will take 3 sessions with total 9 hours to complete.


Class type : Compact Class (6.30 pm - 9.30 pm) 

a) Sage UBS Computerized Accounting               (every Tuesday)

b) Sage UBS Computerized Inventory & Billing  (every Wednesday)

c) Sage UBS Computerized Payroll                      (every Thursday)

*Subject above stated as according to Neelian RTC schedule and arrangement availability.


Class type : Xpress Class (9.00 am - 6.00 pm) 

a) Sage UBS Computerized Accounting               (every Friday)

b) Sage UBS Computerized Inventory & Billing  (every Saturday)

c) Sage UBS Computerized Payroll                      (every Sunday)

*Subject above stated as according to Neelian RTC schedule and arrangement availability.


Certified course trainer and exam invigilator

All courses will be conducted by the professional certified trainer and exam invigilators were qualified with distinction results by Sage UBS University.



About examinations

Examination intakes will be arranged with estimated minimum period one (1) month after completed training sessions. Examination date will be informed earlier, and examination arrangement will takes at least 1 day to complete.


Registration hour is from 9.30am at Neelian RTC.

All subject/ modules are assigning on fixed time, and date will be noticed in advance before exam held.


a) Sage UBS Computerized Accounting               (From 9.30am until 12.00pm (2 1/2 hours)

b) Sage UBS Computerized Inventory & Billing     (From 1.00pm until 3.30pm (2 1/2 hours)

c) Sage UBS Computerized Payroll                     (From 3.30pm until 6.00pm (2 1/2 hours)


About certifications

All results will be announced in email / portal online user individual account. For candidates with pass, credit and distinction examination result will be granted with the Sage UBS Certificate. To ensure details stated in the certificate is correct, candidate are advised to write clear and proper details while the course enrollment registration process. All certificates shall either by self-collection at Neelian RTC or candidate request for courier* (additional charges may impose for courier service*). Candidate certificate will takes 2-3 month for processing period by Sage UBS.